Over the past few weeks our Rise Together movement has really taken off. We have received countless messages of support and motivation. To become an inspiration for others is truly amazing.

Thank you everyone for you continued support. RISE TOGETHER

Nov 10
We all rise….

We are stronger as a unit. When we Rise Together we are stronger then ever before. Let us hear your story. Let it be heard.

Oct 29
Strength in numbers

From the testimonials that we have received we are confident we are doing what’s right for our community.

We are delivering the right message, to the right people, and at the right time!

Our story has only just begun!

Oct 5
The time is now!

We are not the first nor will we be the last but together we stay strong in the present.

As Wisconsin continues to pull together and fight against substance abuse, especially heroin, we will be there helping the relay continue with fighting hand together.

Sep 26
We raise our heads together!

We launched the first part of our Rise Together campaign last week and our audience has been highly engaged since then; in part because of our great logo for sure.  Chad Brady did an amazing job on our logo. It represents strength, peace, and unity. It’s a symbol of hope for those who struggle with addiction. It’s powerful. 

Sep 16
Rise Together is here to stay!

As the founders for Rise Together we are having a hard time putting the words together to capture how great the Celebrate Recovery social was tonight in Green Bay! It was an amazing experience!

Tonight we saw people from all walks of life come together and Rise Together against addiction. Us founders were grateful being in the presence of everyone there tonight. Thank you for having us!!

Sep 12
Tonight was an amazing night!

Stay Strong 

Sep 11

We come together as a form of unity and strength amongst the many who battle with substance abuse and addiction. Together we have a better chance to overcome. Together we succeed against the challenge. Together we find peace and value in our own lives to carry on.

Sep 10
To Rise Together

In the past we often do things our own way. Through acceptance we learn to take stride along those who have traveled a similar past in order to overcome our own faults.  Learn from your mistakes and Rise Together to find the peace you are looking for. 

Sep 9
Learn from the past…

Sometimes as addicts, we become complacent throughout our recovery. It is important that we never forget where we came from.  Owning up to our mistakes and learning from them is one of the best things we can do for our sobriety. 

Our freedom is so valuable.  This is important to remember even when our lives have become manageable for quite some time.  It is easy to slip back in old habits. Recognize these behaviors before it takes your freedom away. 

Stay strong & Rise Together!

Sep 5
Don’t forget where you came from!